For two years of my life I was lucky enough to have lived in the strange and beautiful town called Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya is the old capitol city of Siam, and is situated on an island between the collision of the Chao Phraya and Pasak rivers. The landscape of Ayutthaya is littered with ancient ruins and temples dating back to the 18th century. Many writers have said that Ayutthaya was one of the most powerful and stunning kingdoms of it's time. But like all kingdoms it was rife with corruption, not to mention a long, messy war with Burma. It soon fell and was replaced with Bangkok further south.

On weekends, when I wasn't teaching college, I would grab my camera and wander aimlessly through the ancient ruins that littered my neighborhood. It was always very surreal to be able to simply walk around the detritus of one of the most extravagant cities of it's time. Sipping Coke out of a bag with a straw, I would spend many a Sunday with my head propped against on old cornerstone, soaking up the sun and thinking about history. Here are some photos from those days »