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The Garden of Death : Ang Tong, Thailand

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While living in Thailand our friends Jim and Ong would often take us on adventures throughout the back country in and around Ayutthaya. Ong seemed know a little bit about everything and was always eager to teach us about his style as he put it.

One morning he told us he was taking us to The Garden of Death. This seemed like a good idea. We ended up at a very remote temple near the town of Ang Thong. This turned out to be no ordinary temple and few foreigners we're lucky enough to ever catch a glimpse of it.

Most folks think of Buddhism as a peaceful religion where monks sit around chanting and everyone is in harmony with nature and people live all humbly and stuff. Well, that may be true, but it turns out there is also a little known Buddhist doctrine that speaks of hell and what happens to unlucky sinners should they end up there. At this temple the abbot decided to recreate what that might look like in all of it's bloody horror. You know, to scare people. Take a look »