New Logo For Seattle Restaurant Week

Seattle Restaurant Week

I keep meaning to write a blog post announcing my recent career change from lead interactive designer at Phinney Bischoff Design House to running my own business full-time here at LookatLao—but I’ve just to been too damn busy! But I’m not complaining, this is actually the ideal problem to have when leaving the agency world and going it alone—and I’ll get to that new career post sooner or later.

One of the projects that has kept me busy has been a logo design for a new restaurant organization that has recently formed here in Seattle called Seattle Restaurant Week. You can get the full background on the organization from this article by Nancy Leson over at the Seattle Times.

The best part of this project was that I got to team up with good pal and fellow designer Lorie Ransom who runs her own design and illustration studio in Lake Forest Park. To kick off our collaboration we spent a couple of weeks working on roughs but could never seem to narrow the choices down to the magic three (or even four or five) that designers love to present. We had a giant pile of logos, we liked them all, and they all satisfied the creative brief in different ways. So, we ended up showing the client sixteen different pencil roughs at a crowded restaurant downtown! It was a big risk, but it paid off. The presentation went really great.

16 Logo

In the end, the project became a true collaborative effort as our client chose a design that I originally conceived with a final illustration that was hand-drawn by Lorie. We followed that up with a poster design that should appear around town in early March, but I’ll give Lorie all the credit on that one. (And post it here when it’s done.)

It was a great project and Seattle Restaurant Week is going to be a great new event for Seattle food lovers—and chefs!

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