New Work: Ethan Stowell & Marjorie

Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Since the day I left my full time job at the agency last February I haven’t had a single day off. Needless to say: business is booming! And no, I’m not complaining. (Mostly)

Just last week I launched the website for Ethan Stowell Restaurants which turned out really great. We are still tweaking the details here and there, but I’m very happy with the results. We also finished up the photography for Ethan’s first cookbook as I just sent 170 final print-ready photographs to Ten Speed Press. This book is going to be awesome. More on that adventure in a future post.

Currently in the works and almost live is a new site for Monsoon Restaurant, a new site for The Chef In The Hat, and a bunch of new work for the upcoming Marjorie Restaurant which should be opening soon. I just finished the logo for that a few weeks back:


Don’t forget to check out Seattle Restaurant Week starting on the 18th of April. Lorie and I did the logo and the poster and you can check out the later over on her website. (She did all the work on the poster, I just stood around and smoked cigars.)

More updates soon…

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