LookatLao Studio Review: Six Months of Mostly Award-Winning Design

best website award

While LookatLao Studio has been around in various incarnations for the last two decades or more, it has never been my sole source of income. I’ve freelanced here and there and bummed around the world now and again, and I even moonlighted a bit during my time in the agency world, but I never tried to make LookatLao Studio a legitimate, full-time business that can pay the bills and then some. Until this year.

And so far it seems to be working out very well. Six months in to it and I’ve just received an award for Best Website Design: Restaurant/Bar for my work with Ethan Stowell Restaurants.

It has been a challenging kickoff and I have certainly learned that not having a boss does not equal more free time. But it has been worth it for sure. Like a former colleague said to me before I left my job: you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

So here’s what happened since January: I’ve launched websites for Ethan Stowell Restaurants, The Chef In The Hat, and Monsoon Restaurants. I worked on a logo for Seattle Restaurant Week with Lorie Ransom and refreshed a previous logo effort for Marjorie Restaurant. I also shot about 20,000 photographs for a cookbook that will be out in September–more on that one when the book is available.


And currently in the works are a couple of new websites, another handful of logos and I’m about to put together a pitch for another cookbook that I hope will take me and a talented chef to far off lands in search of food and photo opportunities. Needless to say, I’m staying busy.

I’ve updated the design portfolio with several new projects if you want to see more, and the photography portfolio will be updated next.

It’s going to be a busy summer!

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