New Identity: Staple & Fancy

Logo and Door Sign

Shortly after launching the new Ethan Stowell Restaurants website, we got to work on the identity for Staple & Fancy. Staple & Fancy is Ethan’s new restaurant in Ballard and is going to become the Seattle chef’s permanent digs. The restaurant occupies a newly renovated space in the Kolstrad Building and a lot of the original brick signage still occupies the walls. One of the former occupants was a grocery store that offered goods both staple & fancy, as the old painted sign on the brick wall states, and a restaurant name was born.

Staple & Fancy Menu

Daily Menu

For this logo assignment we went through quite a few rounds of revisions before landing on the final result. Trying to hit the sweet spot between old-timey but not too period-specific or hackneyed is harder than I expected. (Maybe in a future post I’ll show the giant pile of discarded attempts.)

In the end, the final logo seems like the perfect mix of old and new, and very appropriate for a restaurant which marries old and new architecture with Ethan’s simple and modern take on classical Italian cuisine.

Business Card

Business Card

We came up with a simple business card based on a photo I took of the original signage. The menu was a concept we all came up with during a late-night brainstorm. (I’m sure the hosts are questioning the need for a staple gun to keep the daily menu current.)

Staple & Fancy

If you haven’t already, get down to Staple & Fancy and dine omakase style where Ethan takes care of all the ordering. Then simply sit back and relax with some of the best food in the country.


  1. christine yarrow says:

    I love this design. Going right down to Staple & Fancy now…

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