New Year and New Marjorie Restaurant


Logomark and Tagline

The year is coming to a close and I thought I better recap one of my favorite projects that recently wrapped up: Marjorie Restaurant. I’ve worked with Donna Moodie since the beginning of Marjorie back in 2001, providing various websites, photography, branding, and more. She lost her Belltown lease a couple of years ago and has since moved up to Capitol Hill and this was a good opportunity for us to update the brand and create a new website. We began rolling out new pieces earlier this year and I’m very happy with the results.

Website Homepage

Like a lot of my clients here in Seattle, the work I do with Marjorie is ongoing. We are continually creating new content, shooting new photos, and maintaining the web presence. So while the new brand launch and website are complete, the working relationship continues to grow. This is one of the best parts of running my own business: my clients become my friends and we get to extend the partnership indefinitely, thus allowing the work itself to evolve and improve. It’s a very agile working relationship and I think it’s key to the great success I’ve had so far this year. (More examples from this project in the portfolio).

Website Detail

And, what a year this has been! I just returned from a month-long working vacation in Thailand where I took a little time off to gather my senses and plan for 2011. I probably didn’t get as much work done as I anticipated, but the time was well spent. Here’s a few photos from the adventure.

Have a great holiday everyone, looking forward to what lies ahead…


  1. paul says:

    Nice work buddy.

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